cultism in nigeria and their symbols Super-rich power elite with a goal to create a slave society’ is how one fairly typical rant characterizes the Illuminati,’ Ferguson added.cultism in nigeria and their symbols

The Order of the Illuminati was immediately held responsible for events like the French Revolution after it was created.

Many individuals continued to hold the belief that the order was still secretly controlling history even after it was dismantled and abolished in the late 18th century.

Up to 50% of all Americans still think a small, evil elite bent on creating a “world government” that rules the entire earth is in control of world affairs.

Ferguson continued, “This may be insane, but it’s insane that appeals to more than a fringe.

Ferguson continued, “This may be insane, but it’s insane that appeals to more than a fringe.

“Far from continuing their plot for world government down to the present, [the Illuminati] ceased to operate in the 1780s, and efforts to revive the order in the twentieth century were largely bogus,” he added.

Ferguson won’t change the minds of some ardent Illuminati conspiracy believers, though.
He has collaborated closely with groups that are frequently implicated in a scheme to take over the world, such as the mysterious and enigmatic Bilderberg Group, which holds annual meetings in complete

Ferguson has both published a book about a well-known bank that is closely related to rumors about the Illuminati and has attended these meetings.

Conspiracy theorists frequently ask: If you were an Illuminati member, wouldn’t you want to disprove its existence?

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