The term “cultism” has recently gained popularity in Kenya as police and crime fighters connect homicides to occult beliefs.

The murder of a Catholic priest, Michael Maingi, who was discovered buried in a shallow grave in Embu County, eastern Kenya, two weeks prior, is being investigated, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations announced on October 24.

This came about after Kai, a murder suspect, was discovered in possession of filled-out registration applications and other Secret Society Cult-related materials.

The death of the son of University of Nairobi lecturer Hannah Khahugani Inyama was also connected to cultism on the same day by DCI detectives.

Emmanuel Solomon Inyama’s decaying body, which was wrapped in a blanket, was discovered on the floor of their living room, while his mother was found praying on the kitchen floor.

The two deaths’ alleged cult connections rocked the country and sparked a lot of inquiries about the underground religious movement.https://joinilluminatitoday.com

But what exactly is cultism?

A “religious group, often living together, whose beliefs are considered extreme”

According to the Christian Research Institute , “occult is typically associated with esoteric and mystical practices”. The occult, according to the definition, “deals with hidden or secretive means to attain personal power.”According to CRI, popular esoteric activities include trance-channeling, witchcraft, and fortune-tellingTools used by occultists include tarot cards, crystal balls, and horoscopes

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