If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the Illuminati is a group of powerful individuals who secretly rule the world, including world leaders, celebrities, and other significant figures. Barack Obama and Beyoncé are rumored participants.https://joinilluminatitoday.com

I went to the website after seeing BuzzFeed’s Ryan Bergara locate the Illuminati’s official website and instantly clicked on the “Join The Illuminati” option. After providing my contact information, which admittedly made me feel a little like I was selling my soul, I received my first email with the subject line “Important Instructions.”

The Illuminati’s social media profiles were linked in my key instructions, which also promoted the Illuminatium Testament and cautioned me that there is no membership cost and that anyone asking me for money is not truly elite.

The message seemed harmless to me after I panicked for a good 10 minutes over maybe receiving an email from the Illuminati, but then I read the scary, bolded sentence at the very end of the message, “We are always watching out for you.” I made the decision to read it as implying that the Illuminati was on my side rather than that they would be pursuing me.http://tiktok.com/@join_illuminati_today1

And yes, I’ve become an Illuminati, but I’m still constantly learning more about my new network. Daily emails that occasionally come twice tell me about the complexities of the history and goals of the Illuminati, as well as about their globalist objective. https://joinilluminatitoday.com

One of the longest-lasting conspiracies centers on the “Illuminati,” a term used to refer to any of a variety of alleged secret societies, some of which are centuries old and purported to operate for unknown objectives, usually involving the manipulation of society and global events.

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