Every person is a component of a more comprehensive, eternal design, acting like unique gears in an endless clock.

The future of the entire world could be changed by what you do.

Although you might not fully comprehend it, you play an equally significant role in the world as the greatest kings and queens, even if you are unaware of it. Some people believe they are helpless to effect change because of their momentary lack of riches or influence. However, does a clockmaker prefer bigger gears over smaller ones? Does the slower rotation of the hour hand make it envious of the minutes? Every component has a part in how a timepiece works. Every component helps those around it in ways they may not even be aware of. Even if you are unaware of your significance, your absence would upset the cosmic order.

The world started before you and will go on after you, but because of the choices you made, it will be different.
Every generation takes over the world that the one before it left behind, much as how a king takes over his father’s throne. Your quest for knowledge and goodness might build the groundwork for your great-great-grandchild’s ascent to power; that same descendant might prevent a nation from going to war and save millions of lives. Did Aristotle’s or Alexander the Great’s ancestors anticipate the people their actions would produce?

The benefits of your commitment to mankind are still yours to claim even though you will never fully comprehend how much of an impact your activities had.
You will gaze down and realize that you are a crucial component of our universe’s most complex system as you ascent the great Pyramid in search of the Light at its summit. The Illuminati will endure into eternity even if some of our human members die and vanish into history.


Take Notes

Above all, as long as they acknowledge a Supreme Being, people of all faiths are welcome. Members of the Illuminati family aspire to better themselves and assist others out of a genuine desire to do so rather than out of any sense of obligation. This important distinction enables Our members to give without expecting anything in return.

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