join the illuminati

join the illuminati, who applies must be at least 18 years old.

Candidates must be upbeat, driven people.

A 666 USD non-refundable application fee is required of all applicants


Rules and Regulations

Chapter 1:

By signing up, you renounce your right to: basic human rights as defined by the United Nations charter; creative control as determined by the jury (which may be reclaimed at any time, as appropriate); financial control, including charitable giving and investment decisions; public relations, including relationships with family members, allies, and social groups; living space, including where you choose to live and conduct business; and travel, including local state transportation. If you wish to leave, you must give your hiring manager a good explanation in writing. A hiring manager will make the final decision on your leave. 2013’s retirement rate is at 1.08%. Agendas, plans, and any other objectives as well as present participation will halt as soon as the meeting begins.

Chapter 2:

An admissions counselor will thoroughly investigate your background after reviewing your application. This investigation will cover any activity on forums, social networks, and former employers, schools, homes, and associations that may go back in your family tree. Content may be deleted at any time, for any reason, immediately and without prior notice. Following background checks, your assigned recruiting manager will interview you and evaluate your circumstances and potential for placement, if necessary.

Chapter 3:

Groups, alliances, teams, and legions that want to stick together after initiation must specify this in each application; if they split up after initiation, there are no guarantees or protections offered. Section 1 states that all groups, even those that have already been initiated, may split at any moment and for any cause, at the discretion of their recruitment manager, with the consent of council members.

Chapter 4:

If a member declines to pledge allegiance when initiated, the penalty will depend on the council members’ judgment. If he is given amnesty, he will no longer be able to live in any of the 193 UN nations that are ruled by the Illuminati and will instead be given shelter somewhere else, at the council members’ discretion.

Chapter 5:

Although placement is not random, you might not get the position you’re hoping for or one that doesn’t give you immunity before initiation, when your placement will be made known to you. Placement will be based on the applicant’s qualifications, reputation, mental and physical health, as well as a complete background investigation and interview as described in Section 2.

Chapter 6:

Following initiation, you will receive a capital sum that will be housed in an offshore account and that you can only access after consulting with a designated financial adviser. Depending on location, a member may also be eligible to work for an industry plant, become a public activist, a political figure, or a public figure inside the six superpower states.

Chapter 7:

Terms & Conditions are illustrative and subject to modification without prior notice or amnesty at any time. Terms and Conditions have no real significance in court, at major gatherings, at annual gatherings, or when making an appeal to a hiring manager.join the illuminati, Although managers are sworn to tell you the truth about The Order, they are totally permitted by The Order Charter to lie.

Chapter 8:

Your interview won’t take place in the United States if your pre-membership application is approved. A new passport, travel tickets, a wireless tracker, a cell phone with pre-configured worldwide access, and a copy of your completed application will be provided to you in a confidential package by hand.

Chapter 9:

Following order management permission, speech and all other public communications will be thoroughly scrutinized. To get permission to speak on topics like the NSA, IRS, “Petro-Dollar,” United Nations, European Union, World Health Organization, G-20 Economic Group, World Court, NATO, Council on Foreign Relations, World Council of Churches, Homeland Security, “Police-State,” Sanctions, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and others, managers must get in touch with council.

A newly inaugurated member cannot access the Order Charter.Rankings will be reviewed with your hiring manager, at their discretion, along with growth,join the illuminati promotions, information discretion, and more.

The Illuminati is an exclusive group of world leaders, business titans, inventors, creatives, and other powerful people from around the world. You must fill out the form on this page in order to join.
Membership in the Illuminati is open to everyone, everywhere. No allegiance oaths are required of initiates, and they are free to leave our organization at any moment without suffering any consequences

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