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The pyramid, the eye, the light, and the eternal circle are all included in these washable cloth masks. They serve as a physical shield around the face and nose and are composed entirely of polyester. Consider a pyramid-shaped face mask if you’re hunting for an original and stylish face mask to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus. A face mask with a pyramid design has a triangular shape covering the nose and mouth and a pointed tip extending to the chin. illuminati how to join, please note it’s a must for all new members to mask after initiation in order to meet the requirements of the grand master. what is bad about Illuminati? nothing is bad but if choosing wealth over poverty is bad then the Illuminati members in Nigeria will never be wealthy.

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– Comfy ear loops made of elastic
100 percent polyester. A mask with a pyramid design is a must for all illuminati members! You can wear it whenever you go out in public, and enjoy its comfort and style. Remember to wash your mask regularly, and to follow other safety guidelines such as social distancing and hand washing. Stay safe and healthy! Buy an illuminati face mask on our official website please contact


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