Illuminati Talisman: Elite Collection


This collection includes the Illuminati Talisman in Gold, Silver Rhodium, and Copper – along with a special edition in Black metal (available only in this package).



les illuminati

The Illuminati Talisman is an eye-catching distinctive representation of humanity’s greatest strength and purpose. Elite people of all kinds wear the Talisman as a symbol of their status and the universality of the human race. Every day, thousands of people from all over the world show the Talisman. visit

The Seal: This talisman depicts a seal with two crossed keys, which represent the keys to the Illuminati’s secrets and mysteries. It also contains the Latin phrase “Ordo Ab Chao,” which translates as “Order Out of Chaos.” The Seal talisman can assist you in realizing your full potential, creativity, and knowledge.

The necklace is worn by believers and non-believers of all faiths as a symbol of their dedication to this universal harmony by Christians, Muslims, and Atheists. Dramatic changes in the lives of persons who wear the sign have been linked to its attraction to the Light.

les illuminati

symbole illuminati

necklaces measuring 1″ that have 24-karat gold, rhodium, copper, or black metal plating. There are necklace chains provided. It is not advisable for young children to use this product because of its small pieces. Pieces might include zinc.

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illuminati necklace

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