The Eternal Oath of the Illuminati




The illuminati facts & Fiction

The illuminati facts & Fiction Since our inception, members of the Illuminati have sworn an oath of allegiance to the betterment of humanity. These pledges, which were created as written agreements between one person and every human being, are a fundamental Illuminati practice. The Eternal Oath is the name of the Illuminati’s initial

The Eternal Oath’s vows serve as a constant reminder of a person’s most significant aspirations, including the quest for wisdom, enlightenment, abundance, union, and the preservation and advancement of the human race. It is not a commitment to the Illuminati. Visit

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Those who seek to enter the ranks of the Illuminati and become part of their global network of influence and money must take the pledge. The oath is a written compact between the individual and all members of mankind vowing to defend the Illuminati’s principles and goals and to work for the betterment of humanity.

The External Oath is a way of life, not merely a set of words. It is a legally enforceable agreement that specifies the identity and purpose of each External member, By taking the pledge, one joins a global community of like-minded people with similar visions and destinies.

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